The China Society for Computational Mathematics (CSCM) is a society to promote computational science research in China. It was initiated by some senior Chinese computational scientists including Professors Feng Kang of Chinese Academy of Sciences, Zhao Fangxiong of Tsinghua University and Zhou Yulin of Institute of Applied Physics and Computational Mathematics, Beijing. The Society was founded in 1978 as a subsociety of the Chinese Mathematical Society (CMS). Its current President is Professor Shi Zhong-Ci of Chinese Academy of Sciences.

The CSCM organizes its general assembly every four years, with the most recent one (The 7th Chinese Computational Mathematics Society General Meeting; with over 400 participants) held in Nanjing Normal University in 2003. The Society also supports general meetings on computational mathematics for Chinese Universities, with the most recent one (The 10th Annual Conference on Computational Mathematics for Chinese Universities; with over 200 participants) held in Dalian University of Technology in 2005.

The China Society for Computational Mathematics also supported several prizes for the computational mathematics society, including the well recognized Feng Kang Prize. It also supported the leading computational mathematics journals in China, including Journal of Computational Mathematics (JCM) and Mathematica Numerica Sinica (MNS).

Currently, the China Society for Computational Mathematics has over 1000 memberships including student members, with members from 90% of provinces and major cities in China.

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