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  • The CSCM has been admitted recently by the International Council for Industrial and Applied Mathematics (ICIAM) as a full member of this prestigious international organization. Now China has three members in this organization: CSIAM (China Society for Industrial and Applied Mathematics), CMS (Chinese Society of Mathematics) and CSCM (Chinese Society for Computational Mathematics).

    The next ICIAM Congress will be held in Zurich, Switzerland, July 16-20, 2007.

    Quotation from the letter of Prof. Ian Slaon, the President of ICIAM, dated on Sept 1, to Prof. Zhong-Ci Shi, the President of CSCM: I write to bring you good news: the ballot for the admitting the CSCM as a full member of ICIAM is now complete, the result being a uninamous vote for the admission of CSCM.

    Now that the vote is complete the admission takes effect immediately. This letter is therefore a message of welcome to the Chinese Society for Comutational Mathematics. We look forward to having you or another representative of CSCM take part in future ICIAM deliberations.

  • The Newest Board Meeting has been held in December 2006 in Chongqing. And the new board is established.For more information,please refer to
  • The 2nd Paper Competetion for Young Computational Mathematicians. First Prize winners: Shao Cihong (Peking Univ.), Ji Xia (Peking Univ.), and Mao Shipeng (Zhengzhou Univ.); Second Prize winners: Xu Yun (Institute of Computational Mathematics, CAS) and Liu Huibo (Institute of Computational Mathematics, CAS). Congratulations!
  • The 2005 Feng Kang Prize Winners: Wei Cai of North Carolina at Charlotte, Qiang Du of Penn State University, and Yunqing Huang of Xiangtan University. Congratulations!
  • Professor Zhiming Chen of Institute of Computational Mathematics of Chinese Academy of Sciences is invited to give a 45 minutes speech in International Congress of Mathematicians. Madrid, Spain; 22--30 August 2006.
  • Dr. Pingbin Min of Institute of Computational Mathematics of Chinese Academy of Sciences won 2005 Zhong Jiaqing Prize. The award ceremony was held in the 70th anniversary celebration of Chinese Mathematical Society in July 2005.